May I welcome you to the Centre for Distance Learning of Joseph Ayo Babalola University!

Our institution, the first entrepreneurial university in Nigeria, started academic sessions in 2006 post-license, with the objective of providing educational services that would inculcate Godly values in its graduates, and provide them with functional skill-driven education aimed at producing job creators rather than job seekers. We have released to the global market, beginning from November 2010 to date, products numbering thousands, who are stars and entrepreneurs to the core. They are making great impacts as they rule their worlds in academics, aviation, communication, financial sector, and the military and kindred divisions of humanity.
JABU is driven by core values of integrity, honesty, teamwork, quality service and humanism. Our unique and critical selling point includes flexible and convenient fees payment, our pioneering efforts in entrepreneurship, and the impartation of relevant theoretical concepts and practical multi-skilling using appropriate pedagogies.

In this century, incredible advances in information communication technology has fortuitously facilitated the emergence and development of innovative pedagogies as exemplified and applicable in open and distance education world-wide. JABU is venturing into this mode of education for the following benefits: (i) increasing the space and widening the access to quality education at tertiary level; (ii) ensuring that a large number of learners are reached at affordable fees; and (iii) reaching out conveniently to a large number of learners located at remote places around the world. 
The newly established Centre for Distance Learning, JABU, is expected to grow and develop in a proper and orderly fashion under the welcoming watch of the National Universities Commission, with the reciprocal resolve of the founding fathers to pursue moral and academic excellence in a faith-based milieu; and with the staffers’ diligence, creativities, commitment and resourcefulness.  I am calling on all stakeholders to join hands in the task of consolidating on the gains that God has given to us, so that we can move the CDL and our university to the next level of greater physical and intellectual developments. 
Management appreciates the diversity that characterizes humanity, and is therefore tolerant of nationalities, race, religions, geriatric groupings, generational differences, and the like. Our university is small enough for us to be united culturally, and it is big enough to let everyone be the best that he or she wants to be.

If you wish to be a member of this glorious family in the City of God through our very interactive distance learning programmes, I shall personally await your arrival and together we shall celebrate your absolvement. Your learning experience will be rich and exciting; the instructors, counsellors and tutors are exceptional, responding very quickly to your social and academic needs. At the end of your programme, we shall celebrate your achievement and a lifetime of personal greatness, relevance and positive impacts on humanity.

Once again, you are welcome.

Vice Chancellor